SEO for Landing Pages

  • Access free traffic

Organic traffic is free -- that is main advantage over the other forms of promotion.

  • Grow your visitors

Attract the segment of Google users who click on organic search results rather than paid ads.

  • Reach targeted customers

Your landing page is optimized only for relevant keywords.

  • Increase your conversion rate

Those who look for your products on Google are easily converted to customers.

What Landing Pages Convert More Traffic?

01 /
Aimed at a niche market.
02 /
Helping search visitors to find products or services.
03 /
Ready for extension to a multi-page website.

Our advantages

  • We collect effective keywords.

SEO RUN agency performs landing page optimization for targeted keywords. The volume of keywords corresponds to the size of the text on your landing page. According to our experience, one-page websites get ranked for the keywords when the site is fully optimized.

  • We work with the most page builders.

We’ll suggest changes that are relevant to your website platform.

  • We keep your conversion rates.

When we promote a web-landing page in the search engines, we make little changes in its structure. Thus, your conversion rate grow thanks to the usability and selling capabilities of your landing page.

  • We control the results 24/7

Watch your rankings grow in our analytics tool

  • We provide professional SEO support.

You don’t need to hit the books looking for a guide to snippets, markup, and link profiles. Your personal manager will explain the importance and results of our work in simple words.

  • We can extend your landing page to a multi-page website

You might want to create more content to capture additional organic leads on your landing page. SEO RUN will get more pages to your website to target keywords while keeping your design.

What is included in SEO promotion?

For high rankings of your landing page, it is necessary to conduct a complex of SEO manipulations similar to those for a multipage website.

Building keyword lists
The analysis of your target audience, niche, competitor analysis
Mobile landing page optimization
Shaping an SEO-strategy of your landing page
Setting up markups
SEO page optimization: H1 and H2 headings, meta tags, URLs, images
Recommendations for technical optimization
Optimizing your website for search robots
Growing organic backlinks
Creating and optimizing landing page content to hit the targeted keywords
Improving UX and increasing conversion rates
Monitoring the progress of SEO promotion and the functionality of your website

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, so you should not expect the results overnight. If the landing page is created for a short-term goal, such as to hold an event, maybe it’s better to set up PPC advertising. If the landing page is going to be around for the next six months or more, then it is worth to launch SEO campaign.

What’s the price for landing page SEO promotion?

Contact our experts to audit the current condition of your website and evaluate competition in your niche. Then we can provide you a detailed offer with a forecast of organic traffic growth and the exact cost of cooperation. The final cost of SEO promotion for the website depends on the competition in your niche and geography of your project.