Promotion of a Corporate Website

The primary purpose of website SEO is increasing its visibility in search engines and growing sales.

By optimizing your corporate website for search with SEO.RUN, you’ll get:

  • The site that ranks well in Google, Yahoo, Bing;
  • The growth of target visitors;
  • The sales growth.

Keep reading to find out what makes a successful SEO of a corporate website and how you can get the necessary services for your business.

Key Factors of Successful Promotion of a Corporate Website

  1. Perfect Backend and Frontend
    Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have special requirements for websites. That’s a bare minimum to make your website visible. Besides, we know what technical issue you need to solve to get your site in the top-10.

  2. Fast Load Speed
    If you don’t know your website load speed, you can check it here. Low load speed directly leads to the loss of traffic and sales. For example, Google claims that even a 0.4-second delay matters to the user. If your web page loads 3 seconds or more, it’s highly likely that the user will leave it.

  3. Security: Operating on HTTPS
    Google Chrome v.56 marks all HTTP websites as “Not Secure.” HTTPS websites, in their turn, are more trustworthy; they do not get blacklisted by Google and thus have a distinct advantage over competitors. Learn why you should move your corporate website to HTTPS and how to do it in our article.

  4. Adaptive Design
    According to BrightEdge, 57% of all website visits are made from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, you are probably losing over half of your customers.

  5. Competitive Value Proposition
    An offer that is competitive in price or other terms, or a so-called USP (unique selling proposition), is a must for successful SEO for enterprise. To win your competitors in the top search results, you need to analyze their websites and regularly make yours more effective.

  6. The Presence of Conversion Points
    Call to actions (“Request a call”/”Sign up”/”Request pricing” and so on) capture your visitors and turn them into customers. Not only do you need to have conversion points, but they also should perform well.

  7. Links to Branded Social Media Profiles
    Only 30% of businesses use social networks for promotion. That means there’s enough room for you to use these platforms to your advantage. Social media marketing is a great way to earn customer trust, increase brand awareness, grow your sales and more.

Moreover, social media profiles are helpful for your website’s SEO because links to your social pages also get ranked by Google. The more content your produce and share, the more visibility you get.

For the best results, social media marketing and SEO should be amplified together. Learn more about

Though we’ve covered the most essential factors of enterprise SEO above, there’s so much more to do to make the most of your website. And we at SEO.RUN can solve much more problems for you to achieve your business goals.

Basic SEO of a Corporate Website

  • Building a relevant keyword strategy
    We collect keywords that ensure targeted traffic and optimize your website to them.

  • Technical optimization
    We carry out a complex system of works, from small tasks to global ones: we set up robots.txt and sitemap.xml service files, eliminate all duplicate pages, fill out meta tags, implement microformats, speed up your website and make it comply with the requirements of popular search engines.

  • Increasing website conversions
    We fix usability issues and make your website more convenient for visitors.

  • Local SEO
    We can maintain your local SEO to make your business visible on maps, directories, and organic search results so that local customers can easily find your corporate website.

  • Competitor analysis
    We analyze competitor websites from the technical standpoint, their availability, link mass and content. A detailed analysis of this data helps to keep your customers and win your competitors.

  • Keeping up with search algorithm updates
    Google adjusts its algorithm more than 500 times per year to improve user experience and display only relevant pages in the search results. Some of those updates dramatically impact the search results. For example, Google has decided to include the mobile adaptive design on the list of ranking factors. We can help you to catch up with algorithm updates and act accordingly to keep your rankings.

SEO for Enterprise: Pricing

With Google alone processing 40,000 search queries every second, SEO is a crucial element of your business development. If you’re an established company, invest into SEO to expand to new markets and ensure long-term success.

You may be wondering how much SEO for enterprise would cost you. That depends on many parameters, such as your business goals, time frame, and budget.