Google Tests a New SERP with Zero Search Results

May 10, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Google officially claimed that it’s testing zero search results pages that are shown when there are no relevant search results.

The service will display a warning telling that “the results for your search don’t seem very relevant.” After the message, users will see a call to “see results anyway”.

Several users provided their feedback that this message appears too often during the past day. Google responded after SEMRush posted similar feedback on Twitter.

A Google’s representative Danny Sullivan replyed to Semrush post about zero results

The image source: Danny Sullivan Twitter

A Google’s representative Danny Sullivan said that it was a temporary change due to an experiment and that the service was not meant to respond with this message so frequently. He also added that Google did not intend to show ads on that content block. The system should only trigger when there are very few relevant pages for a query. Now it is triggering too much. The Google team is investigating the issue and fine-tuning the feature, including fixing the ads display rules.

Danny Sullivan added that they were curious to see those queries that would meet the criteria, as normally it is a rare case to google something that doesn’t have at least a few relevant search results.

If you are lucky enough to take part in the experiment, you can get a chance to create content for these rare queries.

Google Tests a New SERP with Zero Search Results
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