Google: Moving Hosting Won’t Affect Your Website’s Rankings

December 20, 2018 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

John Mueller, a Google specialist, has replied to a user on Twitter that switching to a different hosting provider doesn’t lower the website in Google search results.

John Mueller from Google about moving to another hosting

The user had published a link to a recent case study that described a situation when a website’s rankings were affected after moving to a different hosting provider. The engineer moved his resource to Cloudflare, and after that, the website’s rankings dropped. Mueller didn’t agree with that statement and explained that moving hosting slowed down crawling, but soon enough the crawling speed would return back to normal and so it didn’t affect the rankings.

SEO–expert commentary:

“A reliable hosting can provide stable website operations, and when combined with SEO, it increases awareness and quality of the organic traffic. A weak hosting can reduce the website development to nothing.” No matter what John Mueller said, moving from an unstable hosting to a fast and stable alternative can affect your website’s rankings in certain situations. No one likes visiting dead websites and neither does Google, so it can lower their position in the search results.

So if you are having hosting issues (availability, stability, speed, bandwidth and disk space), you can always choose a more quality alternative and move from one hosting to another. You should do that together with an experienced SEO specialist because the migration can cause the loss of website authority and affect other website metrics that are important for organic search results, which leads to lower organic traffic and rankings.”

Technologist SEO-expert of the SEO.RU Company
Konstantin Abdullin

Google: Moving Hosting Won’t Affect Your Website’s Rankings
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