Google Launches Visual Shoppable Ads on Google Images

March 13, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

After seeing an increasing interest to Google Images among online shoppers, the search engine team decided to invest in Shopping ads on Google Images.

Now advertisers got a new way to get in front of the target audience in the compelling visual format.

Shopping ads on Google Images

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The ads work this way: you can display your ad among Google Images results and highlight several products on the image. The feature is now available to select retailers. Google is testing shoppable ads on broad queries, for example, “shower tile designs.”

Imagine you are looking for home decor ideas, so you go to Google Images for some inspiration. You will see a sponsored shoppable ad with tagged products and the product info such as the price, title, or brand.

Showcase Shopping ads

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Google will keep rolling out the feature in the next couple of months.

Additionally, Showcase Shopping ads have been available to advertisers in 17 countries. This format lets you advertise your products through lifestyle imagery. Showcase Shopping ads are coming to Google Images too.

Lastly, merchants are invited to provide product data (for free) in the Merchant Center to help Google show more product details to potential customers.

Google Launches Visual Shoppable Ads on Google Images
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