Google Launches Search Updates

May 15, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The Google team has published a blog post about the updates that they mentioned at I/O 2019 which took place on May 7-9 in Mountain View.

Here is what is going to change:

  • The Top Stories section: it will have the most credible articles on the topic that the user is googling, as well as news and podcasts.
  • Podcasts search: Google has promised to launch this feature soon.
  • Search results: 3D objects will be added to the search results; users will be able to interact with them (for example, when you google an animal, it’ll be possible to display its 3D image in a room.)

3D objects from search

The image source:

  • Google Lens: the service will allow translations on 100+ languages, and it can read the text aloud. Additionally, if you are at a restaurant, Google Lens can show you reviews and photos of items on the menu.
  • Google Assistant: the Duplex technology will be expanded to let users complete tasks online.
Google Launches Search Updates
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