Google Explains Why 301 Redirect Tricks Don’t Work

March 12, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Search Engine Journal shared fresh myth-busting news from John Mueller from Google. This time, John unveiled link building.

A user told in a Reddit thread that an SEO expert had advised him to buy a domain that would be similar to his main website domain and set up 301 redirect. Then the expert would link to that domain on forums and blogs. According to the expert, that is how you can quickly improve your rankings.

Some SEO experts support this theory and think that this method helps to hide links from Google, as they are linked through another domain, but still affect the rankings without any negative effects on the promoted website.

Mueller said that 301 redirect makes the main website canonical: all links that lead to this site will not be counted in for the additional domain, so you can ignore this method.

Google Explains Why 301 Redirect Tricks Don’t Work
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