Google Experts Offered Advertisers to Manage Their Campaigns

January 29, 2019 Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Some foreign advertisers have got messages from Google telling that Google experts will take over their campaigns in the next seven work days, according to Search Engine Land.

The subject line stated “We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business”:

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If an advertiser doesn’t want Google experts to interfere with their campaigns, they must click a special link in the email. It’s also possible to disable the service after it’s launched.

It’s said in the email that Google Ads experts suggest tweaks that can make advertising efforts more profitable.

Google mentioned the following advantages of this service:

  • expertise in ads optimization based on working with 800,000 Google Ads accounts;
  • setup and ongoing activation of advanced features;
  • deepunderstandingofadjustments.

However, Google doesn’t guarantee any positive results of the campaigns under their management. Google says that it won’t increase the ad budget, but if the expert changes worsen the results, Google offers a refund.

A Google’s representative explained Search Engine Land that this is a pilot program and they expect it to improve the effectiveness of Google Ads. Advertisers, even under Google management, reserve the right of the full control over their accounts and declining the recommendations. For this, Google will notify users about changes via email.

Google is constantly working on its projects and implements automation in almost each one, but this program is aimed at people. At Search Engine Land, they believe that expert adjustments will significantly affect the system of Google recommendations that involve machine learning. Also, the program will affect advertisers who use it. However, in the future, the program will cause changes in a much broader network of paid traffic.

Google Experts Offered Advertisers to Manage Their Campaigns
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