Google’s AMP Updates Q1 2019

March 5, 2019 Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Google has published a review of new features launched for AMP in Q1 2019. The most notable improvements include video, forms, lists, and consent tools.

Video Updates

  • It’s now possible to minimize videos to the screen corner at scrolling to enable watching the video and reading the page content simultaneously.
  • Developers can add custom video players to the pages with the support of AMP Video Interface. It enables customizing features like autoplay or looping.
  • Video content creators can easily monetize their creations by adding video ads from any source that supports The Interactive Media Ads SDKs.

User Interaction Improvements

For better user engagement, Google introduced the ability to resize a container in response to a user’s interaction with it, and the support of infinite scroll for an element (for example, when a user scrolls down to the end of the list, more content is automatically loaded).

Infinite scroll capabilities to the <amp-list> component

Input Masking

Filling forms should become more comfortable with input masking that helps to point to the correct format of data input.

Other Updates

  • Some of the existing AMP components have been improved, for example, transitions for images in the lightbox mode, or integration with third-party consent management software that allows publishers to incorporate a custom consent flow in AMP.
  • AMP users like international news publishers got the ability to render the date component in different formats to display local time to readers around the world.
  • Finally, AMP Stories got Real Time Config making it possible to get additional targeting information.
Google’s AMP Updates Q1 2019
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