Google Chrome Will Block Annoying Ads All Over the World

January 17, 2019 Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Think with Google shared that starting from July 2019, Google Chrome will stop displaying ads that do not fit Better Ads Standards. This practice has already been adopted in North America and Europe and now it is going to be expanded to the world.

Better Ads Standards were developed by Coalition for Better Ads, an industry association that works on increasing quality of digital ads, using the help of 66,000 people from all over the world.

AdWords Express is a simplified advertising platform for small businesses. It used to take about 15 minutes to launch a campaign there, according to Google.

At the moment, the document includes twelve ad formats that are considered the most annoying. It’s these formats that digital advertisers should stop using in the first place:

Google blocks pop-up ads

You can make sure your website doesn’t have these ads using Ad Experience Report. This report allows to reveal violations of Better Ads Standards, monitor your current status, fix errors, or dispute the results of reports.

This technology has been used in North America and Europe since 2018. According to his first results, ⅔ of advertisers who didn’t comply with Better Ads Standards before are now compliant with them. After checking millions of websites, 1% of ads was blocked.

PPC–expert commentary:

«This innovation is aimed at improving user interaction with ads.

First of all, it will affect sites that display ads: advertisers should not worry that if the system finds a violation, Chrome will block the request and the ad will not appear on the page. Instead, the user will see the adblock notification asking to allow the display. If the ad is allowed, the user will see it, then the impression will count».

PPC–expert of the SEO.RU Company

Svetlana Ignateva

Google Chrome Will Block Annoying Ads All Over the World
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